Brittana Week | Day 5: Mini-Brittana

AU: Brittany reminisces about the time she tried to get Santana’s attention - with her cat.

Brittana Week | Day 1: Family/Future

AU: After several months of trying for a family of their own, Brittany and Santana’s struggle into parenthood may have all been worth it in the end…

AU: Brittany’s ‘extra curricular’ activities are finally revealed…

AU: Santana surprises Brittany on Valentine’s Day

AU: Coffee is the last thing on Brittany’s mind when she enters the campus coffee shop.

AU: Santana finally opens up about ’that’ day.

Glee AU: Brittany S. Pierce graduates!

With the help of her friends, Brittany is able to graduate along with The Troubletones and they are now set to take on the West Coast.

(The song is DC’s ‘Girl’ , because jam)

AU: It’s date night, and Brittany is still trying to adjust to Santana’s “true” identity.

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AU (Part 2): in which Sugar restores fate

AU (Part 1): in which Sugar alters the past, and travels back again to make her parents fall in love (again).

AU: in which Brittany writes for the school newspaper.

AU: in which Nerd Santana has a makeover

Annie: I don’t think you guys will be best friends forever. No offense, but you know? The friends you have when you’re younger… sometimes you grow apart. When you get older maybe she’ll find a new best friend. And maybe she’ll be more successful than you are, and prettier and richer and skinnier. And they end up doing everything together!”